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The Wondrous Green vision is to bring bright and fun reusable products without creating more waste and helping people make an eco-friendly choice, without compromising on style.


My first creative project will be making reusable bags that are bright with personality but made out of mostly recycled materials. However, there will be some exceptions because I just love to inject colour and fun into to day to day life. I believe in balance and will seek to use recycled materials to minimise our impact on the planet but these bags are made to last and will be with you while you carry all your necessities so there won’t be that need for those plastic bags.

I will endeavour to continue to find more ethical and environmentally friendly ways to create bags and reusable products that inject fun and colour into your life. I will be hand making every single bag so you will know there will be love and good vibes with your bag right from the start of its life.


I have always been a nature lover who loves the colour green and from an ongoing nudge from the universe, Wondrous Green was born and it’s already bringing me so much joy by spreading love for this planet. Afterall, I’m just a Geelong girl, trying to make a difference.

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