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The Empowerment Challenge is a new start up charity and will specifically provide services to support the wellbeing of the younger mums under the age of 26 and those who birthed their child under 26. Our point of difference being, no younger mum will age out of our service, they are welcome for as long as they need, if they fit in with our criteria. We will work with other services to facilitate warm hand overs and promote smooth transitional engagement, allowing for time to build trusting relationships between participants and staff.

The Empowerment Challenge will be based in the 3214 region and has five strong hearted women behind this project, one of them being me!

Becoming a mum at 16 years old was not something I had planned. I have lived knowledge of the ups and downs of being a younger mum, losing friends, being judged and facing many barriers.

I had two children by the age of 19. With only completing year 10 at secondary school, I was nervous to return to education and put it off until my children were both settled in school.

I studied a Diploma of Youth Work and knew I wanted to work with and alongside younger mums from the start. Completing my studies in early 2016, I have now worked in a variety of areas within the youth sector, including working with younger mums. My life experience provides me with the drive and passion to see The Empowerment Challenge open its hub.

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