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Narelle has been teaching in various educational settings for over 20 years. She is a busy mum to two primary school-aged children one whom was recently diagnosed with Autism. She understands the need to fill your own cup to be able to continue to give to those around. 

Over a year ago she started to practice Yoga Nidra to better support her family after her son’s autism diagnosis. At the beginning of the year she completed her Yoga Nidra teacher training and has regular classes at Casa Yoga, East Geelong.

Yoga Nidra is a sleep-based, conscious guided meditation in which your body sleeps while your mind is awake taking in the guided instructions. There are no yoga poses. You’re lying in a comfortable position with support under your knees and head and covered with a blanket. It helps to slow down your nervous system and remove cortisol the stress hormone. It’s equivalent to an extra 2 hours of sleep from a 20-minute practice. 


Narelle is also a wellness coach who is passionate about helping working mums who are always on the go but the constant juggle is taking a toll on their health. She helps them to feel more organised, so that they actually have time themselves without feeling guilty. She offers one-on-one coaching, Mums’ Coaching Circle and two-day Mums’ Revive Retreats. 

She also runs organisation parent workshops in schools and daycare centres with simple strategies to help them feel more organised so that they can be a more present parent and cope when life feels unmanageable. This workshop helps parents shift from reactive strategies to proactive.

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