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My name is Larissa I’m a Dietitian and Nutritionist passionate about supporting women to achieve their best possible health. After working as a Clinical Dietitian for many years, I chose to focus on early life nutrition.  As what we eat at conception, during pregnancy and in the early years of life shapes the health of mother, baby, and future generations.


I have also completed training as a Diabetes Educator and enjoy working with people with diabetes to look at all aspects of their lifestyle with diabetes. I particularly enjoy supporting women with type 1 diabetes through pregnancy and educating women diagnosed with gestational diabetes to reduce their risk of developing diabetes into the future.


As a Dietitian I provide advice based on the latest scientific research that is tailored to your nutritional needs. An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) is a university qualified expert in nutrition and works along side your doctors and specialists in the management of chronic conditions.


I love teaching people about food and nutrition and the impact eating the right foods has on our health long term. Many of us know what we should be eating however making this happen on a day to day basis can be challenging. We work together to develop goals and a plan for your nutrition that is achievable and fits with your lifestyle.

Fig, haloumi salad
Fig, haloumi salad