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I create videos for your social media and website. For Geelong businesses and families. Helping you to stand out and be noticed with next level videos. Ideal for products, services, workshops, and events.


Avoid drowning in a sea of sameness. Stand out with a brand film and build brand confidence. Turn your curious followers into potential customers by removing the unknown. Visually show what it’s like to work with you, or to use your products and services.

Get maximum results by posting your video in all the places - website, socials, sales page, advert, newsletter, or digital proposal.


Original content will help to attract your perfect tribe.


I also create Family Films. Innovate the 'family album' to a fun modern experience. Your film has dimension with movement, voices, laughter, and music. Ten years from now you can binge watch ten family films like a Netflix series. As cheesy as it sounds, family films are for current day you, and your future selves. Family films can be everyday tasks to fun activities and adventures.


If you’re looking for something more creative like a stop motion or timelapse video, I love creating those too.


I work with you to create a customised video that you’ll love. From a chat to tell me all about you and your idea, to a planning meeting, and a round of editing revisions to make sure you love your video.


Jeanie x

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