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Hi! I'm Kate Hickey, one of the directors/team members behind Hickey Removals & Deliveries.


Hickey Removals & Deliveries was established in 2017. We have over 10 years experience in the industry & offer a wide range of services including packing (& unpacking) homes, offices & other commercial properties for you. We work across the residential & commercial sectors & often find ourselves traveling interstate for jobs too.

When I met my husband, Lee, 10 odd years ago I learnt very quickly that he was a hard worker, loved owning his own business & even more so loved connecting with his customers.

He was 21 when he bought a furniture removals business & as many of us know your twenties are when you go off to 'find yourself'. Fast forward 7yrs & Lee decided it was time to create his own identity. He sold the business, tried a couple of trades, worked in the mining industry & we traveled the world together. We came home, Lee went back to FIFO mining work & soon enough we found out we were pregnant. Lee is an incredibly devoted man to family & friends so found being away from home for long periods really hard especially now our first daughter was turning 1.

This is when we had the lightbulb moment - let's get back in to removals!

So here we are: Hickey Removals & Deliveries with a twist...a woman in the removals industry! Although I don't flex the muscles like the boys on our team I am involved in quoting, business admin, business strategy and everything else that makes the business keep ticking over.


We have two daughters now and want to show them the power of women in business!

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