So, what is The Sweatworking Collective? Do I have to be female and do I have to own a business?


You can have any job (or no job!). The Sweatworking Collective is all about women celebbrating women, whatever your age, or profession. The Sweatworking Collective was created to give women a platform to connect, learn and collaborate in a safe, kind environment where you can focus on your wellbeing and share your journey with likeminded women.

How can I partner with The Sweatworking Collective?


Get in touch with us at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au

How can The Sweatworking Collective promote my business?


How do I get The Sweatworking Collective to support my charity?


We love to promote not-for-profits at our events. We’d love to hear about your charity, so send an email to hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au

Is there a The Sweatworking Collective HQ?


No HQ! We're all online! 

I love what The Sweatworking Collective do and would like to become a partner, what should I do?


We offer a diverse platform and have a range of opportunities to support and partner with our members and like-minded brands. You can get in touch with us at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au to find out what is possible.


I’m not a member of the The Sweatworking Collective can I still join an event?

Of course you can! Our events are open to everyone to attend! Details to purchase tickets can be found at www.thesweatworkingcollective.com.au

Although we do throw exclusive member-only events and workshops too. Our members receive a discount on their event tickets – as well as a suite of other goodies just for being a member – so it’d be a shame to miss out on the fun! Find out more about our membership options here.

I’m a member, can I book on behalf of my friend who isn’t a member?


Absolutely! But you’ll only receive a discount for any members on the booking.

I have a dietary requirement, how do I let you know?

Just pop us an email at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au


I’ve just found out my friend is coming to the same event as me and we’d love to sit together, can we do this on the day?


Most of our events are free seating/standing but should we be allocating guests seats, we can absolutely sit you together, but you’ll need to let us know a minimum of 5 working days before the event. Just email us on hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au with the guest names and we’ll put you together.

I don’t have a physical ticket, how will I get in?


We prefer to save trees and not have printed tickets for our events. Instead, pop on by our registration desk when you arrive at the event and we can check you in!

Unfortunately I can no longer attend the event, what can I do?

Unfortunately, all event bookings are non-refundable and cannot be credited towards another event or product.

I’ve got a ticket for a “member only” event but now can’t attend, can I give it to a non-member to go in my place?


As much as we would love for you to pass this on to a friend, these events are our way of saying a big thank you to our members for their support and so anyone attending must be a member.

How can I get in touch the day before or day of an event, if I have a problem?

If you’ve got a problem with your booking within 48 hours of the event, it’s best to give us a call on 0456 614 114.

I LOVE Social Media and I want to share my event experience with my followers. How can I do this?


Who doesn't love social media?! Join in on the fun by following @the_sweatworking_collective on Instagram, Facebook and use #theswcollective to share your event experience. We LOVE seeing your social posts and love to share them with our audience!

I want to share my thoughts on the event with you, how can I do this?


We love finding out how your experience was, good, bad or otherwise and following each event you will receive an email from us requesting your feedback, but if you miss this email feel free to let us know by emailing us at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au

I’ve got a great story that I’d love to share with the The Sweatworking Collective community, can I speak at one of your events?


We’re always looking for people with big lives and stories that are going to move our audiences. If you’re interested in sharing your story, please email your bio and profile to hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au and we’ll be in touch if we feel there’s a suitable fit.

I’d love to help out at an event, what can I do?


We love your enthusiasm and we’d love to have you join us! Feel free to get in touch with your resume at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au


I’ve been through this whole page and can’t find the answer I’m looking for, what should I do?


Simple! Shoot us an email at hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours!





What’s included in my membership?

You’ll make invaluable connections, get discounts to our events, exclusive member-only experiences, access to personal development resources, a profile in our Sweat/Connect directory and much more. 

I want to become a member, how much is it to sign up?

You can become a The Sweatworking Collective member from as little as $8 a month! You can find out more about our memberships HERE

I can’t remember my login details, what should I do?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just click “Login” and follow the prompts to reset your password. You’ll then receive an email to create your new password.

I need to update my personal details. How do I do this?

If you’re a member or subscriber then updating your details is super-easy. Log into your profile, click on “Update Profile.” We wouldn’t want you to miss on all the goodies that we have to send you!

Where can I update my credit card details?

Log into your account to update your details or email hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au for assistance.

I noticed my membership is set to auto-renew, how can I change this?

Simple, just log into your account and head to your Account page to update or cancel your subscription. Having an issue? Email hello@thesweatworkingcollective.com.au for help.