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 I am a professional mobile hair and makeup artist with a special interest in portrait photography and other photography and editorial styles. I also offer occasion and bridal styling, to the entire Greater Geelong and Melbourne regions. My love for fashion has led me to a career in makeup, however the love of interesting and inspiring humans has brought about the realisation that photography work is where my main interest lies. I have worked with clients ranging from 10 to 82 years. I specialise in mature makeup, and understand the unique needs that come with makeup styling for the mature skinned beauty. I work to accentuate and enhance the features of the face. I can always find something within the client that is beautiful and bring it to life. I feel empowered when I can use my skills to show a client something they may not see, internal or external. I believe that makeup should and can be accessible to every person who wants to enjoy it. Makeup can be absolutely anything you want it to be, it can be everything or nothing, it can be serious or silly or somewhere in between. The only thing makeup shouldn’t be is something to fear!