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Allow us to introduce ourselves. 
Lisa & Karl owners and your coaches at Body Fit Training Geelong West 🙂

Lisa & Karl have been in the fitness industry for over 12 years, they share a huge passion for health, fitness and well-being, plus a wealth of knowledge in nutrition and exercise.


Lisa was working for Body Fit Training in Melbourne, she LOVED the model and the training and when deciding to move to Geelong to be with Karl, she knew that BFT had to come with her.


In just 8 months they have raised a new business and also a new bub! 

The vision is a fun and supportive environment, where people can come in knowing they are going to get an epic workout and leave with a high five and feeling amazing! ✌🏼

Since opening their doors they have created exactly this. An amazing community culture, where friendships have been made and just good times whilst working out. That's what they are all about... good people, positive vibes and feeling your absolute best! ✨ 

At Body Fit Training the programming is second to none, it is progressive results driven training, integrated with some of the best technology, which you will experience for yourself when stepping into the studio!


In studio you will meet Karl along with an amazing team of trainers ready to take you through an epic workout. No matter your fitness level or goal.

It’s an awesome community...they are awesome workouts… but you be the judge!